4 thoughts on “The One, The Only, The Great Flydini

    • Just as an FYI for non-magicians, the name Flydini is a parody of the name Slydini, a famous magician of the 20th century. Steve Martin started out in show business as a young man demonstrating magic tricks at Disneyland; he is actually a very good amateur magician. Reportedly magician Ricky Jay had a…uh…hand…in developing the Flydini act. There’s another, earlier, shorter version of the Flydini act on YouTube without the woman, and it’s interesting to watch the evolution of the act.


  1. Yes, Steve Martin started out demonstrating magic tricks at Disneyland when he was young. He logged hours and hours in front of audiences doing that, and in his autobiography he credits that experience with teaching him about performing. Lots of other performers got started with magic including Johnny Carson, Dick Cavett, Woody Allen, Milton Berle, Jason Alexander, Neil Patrick Harris, and Orson Welles. Barbara Stanwyck reputedly dabbled in conjuring as well.


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