To Infinity…and Beyond! The Buzz Aldrin Interview



Yesterday, the Arts Express program on Pacifica radio station WBAI aired my interview of astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second man in the world to walk on the moon. He’s a fascinating man, but it was a very difficult interview! Click on the gray triangle to listen.

4 thoughts on “To Infinity…and Beyond! The Buzz Aldrin Interview

  1. Thanks, Pearl. The difficulties were three-fold:

    1) Technically, there was a lot of background noise on the phone line that was hard to edit out. You can still hear a lot of it even in the final piece. Some of the best parts I had to scrap because of noise.

    2) Aldrin is now 85 years old, so it was difficult sometimes to keep him on topic; on the other hand, he often gave very long answers to questions, so it was difficult for me to jump in and ask him other questions I had. I was allowed a limited time for the interview, so I didn’t want him to run out the clock before I got to ask him certain things.

    3) Because Buzz Aldrin is Buzz Aldrin and I’m…well, just me, I was kind of intimidated. But in the end, I think it all came out all right.

  2. Thanks. Funny, but overall, in general, I think I actually like the editing process even more than conducting the actual interviews. One day, maybe I’ll write more about that.

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