“It’s Happy Fun Ball!!!”


One of my favorite early Saturday Night Live fake ads: “Happy Fun Ball,” the ball that … well, I don’t want to give it away.

BTW, this bit has inspired many YouTube copies, but the video above is the original sketch. Accept No Substitutes.

8 thoughts on ““It’s Happy Fun Ball!!!”

  1. Dear Jack,

    Have trouble with opening all your DVD’s . Where should I be pressing! I never get to see them even with my limited eyesight! I want to! Thanks a mill…

    Your biggest fan, Donna Elliott


    • Donna, If you are getting my blog via email, it may be that you have to go directly to my website at jackshalom.net to view the videos. Generally, clicking on the video anywhere in the picture should get it to play.

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  2. It makes me remember a skit, I think it was also on Sat. Night Live Skit sort of like the one you featured. Remember this?

    A husband and wife are in their kitchen, she is waxing the floor and he is sitting at the kitchen table eating something. And they are arguing, each holding an identical-looking aerosol can. She’s saying: “It’s a floor wax!!” and he’s saying “No! It’s a desert topping!!” And the arguments gets more and more heated as they each keep repeating their assertions getting louder and angrier until the announcer steps in and interrupts them and says: “Calm Down! No more arguing!!! You are *both* right: It is a floor wax *AND* a desert topping. It’s a new, All-Purpose Aerosol Spray that every household should have! And it will do still more than that!”: etc.


  3. This is happy FB. Yeah, u remember me. I suggest you stop letting your fans besmirch my reputation. Just a little suggestion. And so you are warned, in not red anymore. You won’t even see me coming. Sincerely,
    Happy F.B.


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