The Real Jersey Boys


Monday morning, Big Girls Don’t Cry.

Last week I saw an excellent revival of the musical Jersey Boys, the play about the rise and fall of The Four Seasons, but I don’t think even the amazing Aaron DeJesus as Frankie Valli sang in as high a key as Frankie does in this clip. In this live performance (voices are live, music pre-recorded) Frankie falters on one of the notes, but it’s still great.

Thanks to YouTuber onepapa2

2 thoughts on “The Real Jersey Boys

  1. It’s funny but I do not recall ever seeing these guys back then. And, yes, that
    lead singer DOES have quite a falsetto voice!!! I would never have considered
    going to a show about them before, but listening to your description and, now
    thinking of what you said while I watched this, I think it would probably be
    quite an interesting production… Thanks!!!

    • Around 1964 or so, when this group was at its most popular, I was always listening to the AM radio, top forty stations, and they were on the charts a lot. I owned a couple of their “45s.”

      I read that in order to play the role of Frankie Valli in any professional production of the musical Jersey Boys, the performer has to go to “Frankie camp” where he is given lessons on how to sustain the falsetto voice night after night without damaging his voice.

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