2 thoughts on “Water Music

  1. Jack, living in Europe,
    I have an ˋImage of NyC‘,
    in my head;
    that YOUR fotos constantly chip away at(!).

    Wild birds, Public art, ˋnature‘,….ˋpublic humour‘ (🙃)….

    I‘m often embarrassed and ashamed,..and confused(!)
    of how and where and why my ˋvision‘ developed(?). 🤔

    I‘m really HAPPY(!) you share your ˋveiws‘,
    of,…your neighborhood. 😊

    You know, 🤔,
    if we found the right sweater,
    we could change the name of this blog,
    to: ˋMr. Shalom‘s Neighborhood´!

    Have a nice day Jack.

    • Thank you, Dennis. Truth be told, this photo was taken in New Jersey, so not quite New York. But NYC is full of lots of surprises and if you ever visit, you and the missus will have a bed to stay at Jack’s Place!

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