The Prosecution of An American President

Yesterday, WBAI radio broadcast my interview with Charles Manson prosecutor and Helter Skelter author, Vincent Bugliosi. We talked about his most recent film, The Prosecution of An American President.  The interview turned contentious, and he all but called me an idiot. Good times! You can listen by clicking on the orange button above.

2 thoughts on “The Prosecution of An American President

  1. Hi Pearl, thanks for commenting!

    Those who have been elected President are quite clear about what their job is; and whether they acknowledge it publicly or not, their actions speak louder than words.

    That they are not punished for such actions means that the system of which they are a part of understands what the job entails, and what it is meant to be.

    You can impeach a President for cheating on his wife, but never for overthrowing foreign governments, dropping bombs on innocent people, and mass surveilling its own populace.

    That’s just business as usual.

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