“It’s Just Their Time To, I Reckon.”


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The “bench scene” from Carousel, “If I Loved You,” with the original Broadway cast, John Raitt (father of Bonnie) and Jan Clayton. In my opinion, the best love scene and music that Rodgers and Hammerstein ever wrote. And stay until the end to catch the amazing Jan Clayton in the final  clinch.

Thanks to YouTuber fvydt

Stick ‘Em “& Up” To The Max


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(Click to enlarge)

E 16th Street

Brooklyn, New York

***Bonus: if you enlarge the picture and look at the orange window sign, you’ll see the announcement of the owners’ new business plan to change the name of the store to “99¢ & up.”

All The Things You Are: Sonny Stitt


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Monday morning you wake up in a panic and realize it’s been more than a year since you posted another version of “All The Things You Are.” (For other versions I’ve posted, see here, here, here, and here)

So, another great take here:

Sonny Stitt – alto & tenor saxophone
Joe Newman – trumpet
Duke Jordan – piano
Sam Jones – bass
Roy Brooks – drum

Trapped: Penn & Teller


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Last year, Penn & Teller performed this little stunt from their classic repertoire on their television series, Fool Us; it’s still a knuckle-biting performance.

But for the purists who remember the original version, here’s a clip from twenty-five years ago, back when Teller took a few more hair-raising chances . . .

Thanks to YouTuber secretSociety40

My Six Red Months In Russia


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“Every one leaving the Palace was searched, no matter on what side he was. There were priceless treasures all about and it was a great temptation to pick up souvenirs…”

A hundred years ago this month, The Russian Winter Palace was taken over by the Bolsheviks as the culminating act of the Russian Revolution.  American journalist Louise Bryant was an eyewitness to these events, and wrote about them in her exciting memoir of the period, Six Red Months in Russia.

Mary Murphy and I produced this 10-minute radio segment featuring readings from Bryant’s memoir, broadcast yesterday on the Arts Express program on WBAI-FM.

Click on the grey triangle above to listen.

Lightning Wit: Harrison Greenbaum


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I recently had the pleasure of seeing Harrison Greenbaum’s comedy magic act at two different venues, and he killed at both of them.  His philosophy of performing comedy magic is that the comedy has to be good enough to stand alone without the magic—and indeed that is what he has done for a good deal of his career; that is, he often performs hilarious stand-up comedy only, without the magic. But don’t underestimate his magic chops either—his routining and performance of the venerable magic Baby Gag is a standing ovation wonder.

Here’s Greenbaum with one my favorite comedy routines of his—no magic—“Lightning Roy,” the man who defied lightning.


Day Tripper


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What a trip. It’s the third anniversary of this blog this week. It’s a little scary to think I’ve posted that many times. It’s been so nice to hear from readers.

Here are a dozen of my favorite posts and memories from the past year that you may have missed, which you might also enjoy:

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Post -It




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Monday morning, a delightful tribute to imagination. This four-minute movie short directed by David Mossop of Sherpas Cinema had me smiling throughout.  Tom Wallisch on the skis, the excellent nine-year old Sequoia Colbeck as the dreamy boy,  and Lucas Meyers and Sydney Black as the oblivious parents.

“Because I’m Me” performed by The Avalanches

Thanks to YouTuber The North Face

And more about the film at https://sherpascinema.com/project/imagination/

Third Annual Contest Results!


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Thanks to everybody who participated in the contest. I had an enjoyable time reading the entries. There were some really great stories told. Here are the three winners:

First Prize goes to Daniel Doyle for his hilarious story about a chimp gone ape, complete with the requisite bite in the ass. It’s a classic. Maybe if you see him in person someday he’ll tell you about it. He chose as his prize a copy of Marlo Without Tears by Jon Racherbaumer.

Second Prize goes to Alfred Dowaliby who told a wonderful magician-in-trouble story. While Alfred was working aboard a cruise ship, fortune played a dirty trick—but instinct took over, and he emerged a hero. Extra points for a side portrait of his boss, Bill Malone. He chose as his prize Volume 5 of Richard Osterlind’s Mind Mysteries DVD.

Third Prize goes to Gallagher Hayes who told a touching and philosophical story of a misunderstanding that led him to the wrong place at the wrong time; but he still had the unstinting support of his beloved wife. He chose as his prize a copy of The Magic of Milt Kort by Stephen Minch.

Thanks again to all who entered. Sometime next week, everyone who participated will receive a pdf compilation of all the stories that were sent in

See you next year?

The Funnel: David Roth


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Though David Roth first introduced his coin magic showpieces some forty years ago, they are still fresher, more original, and more creative than just about anything seen since in coin magic. Here he performs one of my favorites, the inexplicable Funnel effect.

And…we’re nearing last call for my third annual Contest. It’s a fun contest, with lots of prizes, and should not take you much time to complete. You can’t win it if you’re not in it, and everybody who enters gets a free prize.  Click on the link for details.

Thanks to YouTuber SpaghettiMagic