Monday morning, moon and monkeyshines as the family that stills together, trills together.

Josh Turner, Carson McKee, Reina del Cid, and Toni Lindgren with some pretty great banjo, guitar, and mandolin plucking.

Floods Of Florence



The Phil Ochs song about the 1966 Florence, Italy floods (fifty straight days of rain breached the walls of the River Arno which runs through the city) set to BBC footage of cleaning up the aftermath, as people attempted to save some of the artwork stored in the lower levels of museums, churches and warehouses.

Thanks to  YouTuber OnionFart (!) for the great job of putting this together.

Brandy: Reina Del Cid And Toni Lindgren


Monday morning, Reina and Toni got a new Van, “Morrison,” and celebrate with a cover of the jukebox hit, “Brandy.” A lovely version, but a little bit hair-raising when Reina closes her eyes.

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