At The Air Conditioner Factory: Bob and Ray

Crack reporter Wally Ballou with a hard-hitting interview with the president of the Uncomfortable Air Conditioning Company.

Thanks to YouTuber Paul Bellefeuille

“With Increased Leisure Time…”


Bob and Ray’s “World’s Oldest Lady Caddy” is one of the first Bob and Ray routines I ever heard.  My son can still break me up laughing by simply saying “With increased leisure time…” It’s kind of the catchall sociological explanation for everything.

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Bob and Ray Pull Out The Stops


Bob and Ray were generally gentle in their humorous swipes at American culture and media, but probably never was their satire more cutting and Swiftian than in this routine, The Great Lakes Paperclip Company.

Thanks to YouTuber A Blast from the Past, and thanks to Marilyn Vogt-Downey for the suggestion.

Wing Po: Itinerant Philosopher




I’ve been looking for this Bob and Ray routine for a long time and finally bought it on Amazon as a single track. It’s one of my favorites. Click on the grey triangle to hear.