I Should Have Known Better

Monday morning, a spirited sing-in. This was recorded at Strawberry Fields, the small garden patch just inside the entrance to Central Park, across the street from the Dakota, the apartment building where John and Yoko lived. A crowd gathers every year there on Lennon’s birthday Oct 9th and sings. This was from last October’s gathering.

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See You Later, Alli … Oh, Never Mind

(Photo courtesy of the NYC Parks Department. Click to enlarge)

Yes, this is the same lake in Prospect Park in Brooklyn where I’ve taken many photos including the most recent one of a bald eagle. This four foot alligator was spotted by an early morning photographer Sunday who alerted park authorities. And, no, if you’re not familiar with New York City geography, alligators are not native to New York City. The alligator, who was described as “lethargic,” was taken to the Bronx Zoo. Some New Yorkers thought the new visitor might be part of the mayor’s new anti-rat initiative…

Why Do Fools Fall In Love?

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Monday morning, that age-old question. You might wonder if the woman in purple singing the Frankie Lymon part is Joni Mitchell. It is. (Frankie Lymon, born in Washington Heights, can be seen in the video’s black and white clip of kids dancing. Frankie is the shortest of them, but also the guy who wrote and recorded the song when he was 13 in 1956, making it a big hit. Unfortunately, Frankie died tragically young at the age of 25.)

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He’s Back!

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We saw the bald eagle high up behind the Well House at the park, and then walked on. A half hour later, we walked part way around the lake, and sat down on a bench facing the lake. Then all of a sudden, we saw and heard a huge flock of gulls squawking and circling around over the lake. And a moment later, the eagle came by and landed on a tree right over the lake near our bench. And I was very happy I had my camera with me.

Prospect Park

Brooklyn, New York

Dorothy Flips Her Wig

Monday morning, the unbelievable Dorothy Donegan who pounds the piano so hard she literally flips her wig. Art Tatum said of her that she was the only pianist who made him feel like he needed to practice more.

Thanks to YouTuber William Gray Harris

“I Recreated A Day In The Life From Scratch”

Pretty fascinating to see musician David Bennett put together the pieces of this famously complex Beatles song and assemble it into a very credible rendition. Makes me appreciate more both the Beatles and Mr. Bennett. With great drumming by Zal Jones. And kudos to vocalist Chris Vince who understands the difference between John and Paul’s singing.

More at David Bennett Piano

The Quiet Epidemic

Before there was Covid, before there was Swine flu, there was a then mysterious sickness called Lyme disease. When Lyme disease was first identified in 1975, little did the medical community suspect that soon Lyme disease would become the center of one of the most controversial, divisive, and vicious medical debates in medicine today. A new film called The Quiet Epidemic explores that controversy by focusing on one young girl from Brooklyn and a doctor who refuse to abide by the conventional medical wisdom. I talked with the directors of The Quiet Epidemic, Lindsay Keys and Winslow Crane-Murdoch, for Arts Express radio.

Click on the triangle or mp3 link above to hear the inteview as broadcast today on the Arts Express radio show on WBAI FM NYC and Pacifica affiliates across the country.

Hotel California

Monday morning starts with a cover of an Eagles classic. I have to say, I’m not a big Eagles fan, but Toni, Reina, Josh, and Carson do a fantastic job on this. With Andrew Foreman on bass. And the videography by Kelly Oden is really, really good as well.

More at Reina del Cid


I’ve been looking for this clip for a long time for three reasons!

One: It’s one of my favorite magic illusions. It just looks great to an audience.

Two: When I was in college, I played the role of Houdini in a musical about his life–and I got to perform this illusion.

Three: And finally, the woman in the clip above, performing with Doug Henning, is actress Didi Conn. I was in the play Carousel with her when I was in junior high school–she was a grade ahead of me–and I thought then that she was the best dancer I had ever seen. Later she became famous for her role in the film Grease as “Frenchie.”