Nora Brown, Old-time Banjo: “You Need To Connect”



Two summers ago at the Ashokan Summer Hoot in upstate New York, a young woman named Nora Brown just knocked the crowd out with her amazing virtuoso banjo playing and evocation of traditional Appalachian music. I was very happy to interview her for the Arts Express radio program.

Click on the triangle or the mp3 link above to hear the interview with Nora Brown and some of her music as broadcast today on Arts Express on WBAI NYC and Pacifica affiliates across the country.

Heart Of The Country


Josh Turner and friends cover the Paul McCartney ditty from the Ram album. I really enjoyed the extended banjo, fiddle, bass, and drum chorus at the end. And how the heck does Josh do that video editing, keeping all the audio in synch?

More Josh Turner at Josh Turner Guitar



Monday morning, moon and monkeyshines as the family that stills together, trills together.

Josh Turner, Carson McKee, Reina del Cid, and Toni Lindgren with some pretty great banjo, guitar, and mandolin plucking.

Ashokan Farewell


At the close of each Summer Hoot Music Festival at Ashokan, Jay Ungar, Molly Mason, Mike Meranda, and Ruthy Ungar play Jay’s heartbreakingly beautiful ballad, Ashokan Farewell.

Jay and Ruthy on fiddle, Molly on guitar, Mike on Banjo.

The end of summer. We’ll miss you, Ashokan.

Thanks to YouTuber FolkAlleydotCom