Ashokan Farewell


At the close of each Summer Hoot Music Festival at Ashokan, Jay Ungar, Molly Mason, Mike Meranda, and Ruthy Ungar play Jay’s heartbreakingly beautiful ballad, Ashokan Farewell.

Jay and Ruthy on fiddle, Molly on guitar, Mike on Banjo.

The end of summer. We’ll miss you, Ashokan.

Thanks to YouTuber FolkAlleydotCom

“The Most Important Person in the History of Baseball”: Ken Burns on Jackie Robinson




Last Thursday WBAI broadcast the interview I did with filmmaker Ken Burns, whose new PBS documentary Jackie Robinson airs April 11-12. Burns talks with me about the myths that have grown around the legend of Jackie Robinson, and the whole process of filmmaking.

If you have any interest in baseball, film, or American history I think you’ll greatly enjoy listening to this interview with a great American documentarian.

Thanks to Mario Sanchez for helping to edit this radio piece.

Click on the grey triangle to listen.