The Underground Empire

In a geopolitical world where the US is increasingly using every tool of control and coercion it can on other countries, the truth can be deeply hidden. Now a new book titled, Underground Empire: How America Weaponized the World Economy, clearly outlines the ways in which technological and economic choke points, many on U.S land, are being weaponized to pressure the worlds’ foremost powers into complying with America’s interests. I was happy to interview the authors of Underground Empire, Henry Farrell and Abraham Newman.

Click on the mp3 link or triangle to hear the interview as broadcast today on the Arts Express radio program, heard on WBAI FM NYC and Pacifica stations across the country.

To The Lighthouse Interview

I’m grateful to Stephanie Schubert, Operations Coordinator of the Pacifica Network, for conducting and publishing this interview she did with me about the recent Arts Express production of To The Lighthouse. At the end of the article, you’ll find a link to our podcast page, if you’d like to hear the production.

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

Monday morning, a really excellent cover with three part harmony and Toni Lindgren’s big guitar. Lauren O’Connell on lead and Elle Cordova backing up.

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Picking Blueberries, Austerlitz, New York, 1957 by Mary Oliver

Picking Blueberries, Austerlitz, New York, 1957

Once, in summer,
In the blueberries,
I fell asleep, and woke
When a deer stumbled against me.

I guess
She was so busy with her own happiness
She had grown careless
And was just wandering along

To the wind as she leaned down
To lip up the sweetness.
So, there we were

With nothing between us
But a few leaves, and the wind’s
Glossy voice
Shouting instructions.

The deer
Backed away finally
And flung up her white tail
And went floating off toward the trees –

But the moment before she did that
Was so wide and so deep
It has lasted to this day;
I have only to think of her –

The flower of her amazement
And the stalled breath of her curiosity,
And even the damp touch of her solicitude
Before she took flight-

To be absent again from this world
And alive, again, in another,
For thirty years
sleepy and amazed,

Rising out of the rough weeds
Listening and looking.
Beautiful girl,
Where are you?

Summer’s End

One of the great songs that John Prine wrote in the last part of his career. Like the lyrics of Paul Simon, Prine’s lyrics tells you just enough about the story to intrigue you, but open enough to let you complete it with your own experience.

Click on the video above to play.

Thanks to YouTuber Radio Heartland

Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse

To The Lighthouse was a novel I had been intrigued with since my twenties. When I heard that it had just gone out of copyright, I thought it would be fun to write a radio adaptation and to direct and edit it.

I started writing this adaptation back in January of this year, rehearsed it and recorded it in April and May with a fine company of actors, and then edited it in June and July. I’m happy to say we’ve finally completed it.

Here’s the logline:

In this adaptation, prepared especially for radio, Virginia Woolf’s ground-breaking stream of consciousness novel, To The Lighthouse, is brought to life.

In a sort of ghost story that plays with time, memory, and recollection, a young boy, over a period of ten years, tries to journey to the lighthouse, a stormy boat ride away from his family’s summer vacation home. The life of his nurturing mother, hemmed in by social and family strictures, is contrasted with that of her artist friend who lives in artistic freedom, but alone.

Included is a brief three minute introduction to give the context of the novel and the era in which Virginia Woolf was writing.

Our cast, in order of appearance:

James Ramsay…..Byron O’Hanlon

Mrs Ramsay….Mary Murphy

Mr. Ramsay…Jack Shalom

Charles Tansley….Joe Levine

Andrew Ramsay….KeShaun Luckie

Lily Briscoe….Lucy McMichael

William Bankes….Marty Levine

Cam Ramsay….Sarah Taylor

Prue Ramsay….Vivienne Shalom

Minta Doyle….Emma Mueller

Paul Rayley….David Lepelstat

A Memo From Mr. Mamet

The Unit, a TV series which aired about fifteen years ago, while not my particular cup of tea, was widely recognized as one of the best written series on television. That was in no small part because playwright and screenwriter David Mamet was the creator of the show. A little while after the series was cancelled in its fourth year, a leaked memo from Mamet to the writing staff emerged. In it, Mamet gave some of the best and most succinct writing advice that can be given for writers of a screenplay. Here’s David Mamet’s memo to the writing staff of The Unit.

Click on the triangle or mp3 link above to hear my reading of that memo, as broadcast this week on the Arts Express radio show, heard on WBAI FM NY and Pacifica affiliates across the nation.

Canadian Money: Quarter Ain’t Worth A Dime

This was an odd song that I really liked on the Sha Na Na album–not a doo wop song at all like their others, but a sweet clever folk-ish song. I don’t think it had any radio play, and I doubt it would fit in to any of their concerts, so I was really glad to find it on YouTube. Give it a try, I think you might like it.

Thanks to YouTuber Sha Na Na – Topic


(Click to enlarge)

Thanks to Borough President Mark Levine, and City Council Member Erik Bottcher and everyone else who worked to make this happen at the August Wilson Theater today. And our next job is to get West 47th Street, where Raisin in the Sun was performed at the Ethel Barrymore Theater, co-named after Lloyd Richards as a permanent marker of his contribution to Broadway, NYC, and American Theater.

Lloyd Richards Day Details!

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!!UPDATE: The event will happen under the marquee of the beautiful August Wilson Theater on West 52nd Street at 12 noon, June 29th!!

We are so happy to announce the details about the public ceremony for Lloyd Richards Day. The public ceremony will happen in Times Square, Thursday, June 29th, 12 noon. We anticipate some Tony and Emmy Award winning theatrical colleagues of Lloyd to be there. You’re all invited! Feel free to share this notice.

To learn more about what Lloyd Richards has given to Broadway, New York City, and American Theater, see this post.

Jack And Rick’s Radio Shack!

Yes, it’s yet another episode of our ersatz Bob & Ray comedy segment with yours truly and Rick Tuman. In this new episode, we hear from the CEO of the Neighborly Rent-a Robot Company and also from a master of the denizens of the deep, the Shark Whisperer.

Click on the triangle or mp3 link above to hear the segment as broadcast today on the Arts Express radio program heard on WBAI FM NYC and Pacifica stations across the nation.

June Jottings

Happy June! Here’s the latest installment of the magazine we put together every month

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MacArthur Park: Richard Harris

Definitely a front runner nominee for most overwrought pop song of all time. This live performance is both wonderful, cringe-worthy, awesome, and ridiculous all at the same time.

Thanks to YouTuber Moi Only