Martin and Martin

Yes, it’s an unabashed plug for their upcoming appearance on SNL, but Martin Short and Steve Martin had me laughing throughout. They surely have, as Noel Coward once famously said, “a talent to amuse.”

Thanks to YouTuber The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

“King of Hearts, Come Down and Dance”


In what is probably Steve Martin’s greatest magic performance, Steve performs for Johnny Carson the inexplicable unpublished Vernon/Marlo card miracle, “King of Hearts, Come Down and Dance.”

Thanks to YouTuber Jeff Dresback

Magician In Trouble: Steve Martin



In a pre-cursor to his great Flydini routine, Steve Martin performs this humorous sketch, a spoof of a Channing Pollock-like magician, on a Johnny Carson Comedians Special.

Thanks to YouTuber  Jeff Dresback