Martin and Martin

Yes, it’s an unabashed plug for their upcoming appearance on SNL, but Martin Short and Steve Martin had me laughing throughout. They surely have, as Noel Coward once famously said, “a talent to amuse.”

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“I Know That. You Don’t Think I Know That? It’s So Funny That You Would Think That.”

Our favorite Martin Short character, Nathan Thurm, in a manner uncannily anticipating Kellyanne Conway by several decades, defends the tobacco manufacturers.

Jiminy Glick Interviews Mel Brooks


When Mel Brooks realizes that someone else is even crazier than he is, you know he’s admitting defeat. Martin Short as celebrity interviewer Jiminy Glick reduces Brooks to helpless laughter.

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Pants On Fire



Back in 1985, the brilliant Martin Short captured the weasel-like quality of certain political figures with his portrayal of Nathan Thurm, uncontrolled liar. As a bonus, in this comedy sketch Short also appears as the character Irving Cohen, a 90 year old vaudevillian who gets called before the House Un-american Activities Committee.

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Dustin Hoffman’s Celebrity Blow-Up


The folks at SCTV take celebrity blow-ups seriously–and literally. Martin Short with the best Dustin Hoffman imitation ever. Thanks to masercot for the suggestion.