Dustin Hoffman’s Celebrity Blow-Up


The folks at SCTV take celebrity blow-ups seriously–and literally. Martin Short with the best Dustin Hoffman imitation ever. Thanks to masercot for the suggestion.


The Happy Wanderers


I don’t know if this makes any sense to anyone under 60, but I found this SCTV send-up of a small-town Lawrence Welk-type polka music television show hilariously true to form. John Candy and Eugene Levy lead the proceedings.

“There’s Rhythm in My Lederhosen.”

More at SCTV

The Amazing Kretin



The gang at SCTV present the world’s greatest mentalist: The Amazing Kretin. Any resemblance to any other world’s greatest mentalist is an amazing coincidence–“Is that not wild?!”

SCTV-er Dave Thomas is doing the excellent Kreskin imitation.

Thanks to YouTuber vagabond