Dear Brooklyn,

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“Dear Brooklyn,

I love you. Continue to allow everyone to be who they are, to be free, and to be different. Not only should you step outside the box, but make sure to jump on it and kick it until it breaks . Most of all, maintain the love and joy that is in your city walls. You are beautiful just the way you are.

Yours, Anonymous human being

P.S. Please remember to take out the trash!”

Seeley Street,

Brooklyn, New York

Troubled Settlers

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Got to shake my head at the Education Department of the State of New York, even if this sign was just at a Thruway rest stop. You’ll probably want to enlarge this one in order to read it. We don’t recall such a use of the word “pacify” since the 1970s when the US military used to say that bombed Vietnamese villages had been “pacified.” And those “troubled” settlers, as if they were teenagers going through the throes of adolescence, “Gee, Officer Krupke!” And omitting that the mills and tanneries that “used timber and bark from the forests,” were enabled by enslaved people who dragged the timber from the mountains down to the scenic Hudson River. Ain’t nature wonderful!

Kingston, New York