Dear Brooklyn,

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“Dear Brooklyn,

I love you. Continue to allow everyone to be who they are, to be free, and to be different. Not only should you step outside the box, but make sure to jump on it and kick it until it breaks . Most of all, maintain the love and joy that is in your city walls. You are beautiful just the way you are.

Yours, Anonymous human being

P.S. Please remember to take out the trash!”

Seeley Street,

Brooklyn, New York

Street Games

Street busking is an ancient trade, going back at least to medieval and Renaissance times, with actors and entertainers displaced by enclosure and plague making their living on the streets, dependent on their spectators for their livelihood. Their descendants are still among us today, and modern-day busker Todd Various is one of the best I have ever seen. The cups and balls is the bread and butter of the traveling magician, illustrated in Renaissance woodcuts, but Todd’s execution of it is so sublime, and his manner with an audience is so thoroughly engaging and cunningly crafted, that one wants to reach into the video and put a couple of dollars into his hat.

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