The Art of Magic


Cardini, by Juan Rubiales.

Juan Rubiales is not only an accomplished magician himself, but also a wonderfully artistic profiler of famous magicians. I first saw his work on The Magic Cafe, and he generously gave me permission to reprint these portraits. Rubiales’s style reminds me of the great celebrity caricaturist Al Hirschfeld. Juanlu, as he is known to his friends, also sent me this brief autobiographical note:

JUAN LUIS RUBIALES, began magic as a child, and later studied directly from some master magicians. Tamariz was his mentor, and Juan had the good fortune to meet him and be in contact with him since the age of 14. Today, Juan is 36 years old, and is not just a direct student of Tamariz, he is also a good friend of him.

He is an original and creative magician, he is a member of the “Escuela Mágica de Madrid”(Magical School of Madrid), and he is an assistant at the prestigious “Jornadas catomágicas del Escorial” (Cardmagic Days of the Escorial).

He performs extraordinary magic with coins, knives and cards; he has created new techniques of this form of art, developing some original routines that mark its creative magic.

He is also an extraordinary cartoonist. He likes to make magicians’ portraits.

He has three DVDs in English:

“Con Denominacion” which means “with guarantee of origin,” a DVD about coins.

“The Opongobox,”  about a new coin box, a DVD produced by Luis de Matos at the 33 Study

“The Bound Deck” another production of the Essential Magic Collection, this time with one card trick.

In December we can enjoy his DVD “Olé!” a pack of four DVDs by Luis de Matos collection with close up, parlour, and stage magic.


“He is very creative, he has an authentic and unique style. Like his Magic, authentic and genuine, a real marvel. Thank you Juanlu for what you are doing”.


“His Magic is absolutely brilliant”.


“I am very excited with Juanlu Rubiales and his new DVD. He is a great Magician.”


And now, some of my favorite portraits of his:

juan tamarizJuan Tamariz.

ricky jayRicky Jay.

kapsFred Kaps.

imageJames Randi.

penn and tellerPenn & Teller.

edmarloEd Marlo.

dai vernonThe iconic pose of Dai Vernon, both young and old.

Thank you Juanlu!

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