Smoke and Mirrors


In 2013 I attended my first magic convention. I was very enthusiastic, and I got to all the events a little bit early. I was also kind of lonely, not knowing anyone, so I was happy to strike up a conversation with the young man seated next to me in the auditorium. We exchanged pleasantries and then got into an interesting conversation. He told me that he used to be a concert pianist, and that he had also tried his hand at film making. What he did not tell me at that time, though, was that in a few minutes he would be up on stage performing!

It was only then that I learned that his name was Shin Lim, and that he was one of the most amazingly creative card magicians to come along in this decade. He soon became very well known among magicians, and went on to fool Penn & Teller on their television show, Fool Us.

The act that he used to fool Penn & Teller was the same one I had seen back in 2013. Stick with the routine until the end—you may think you know how parts of it are done, but I assure you that by the end you too will be amazed.

2 thoughts on “Smoke and Mirrors

  1. Now, is that “Fooled Us!” a TV show or where can one watch it? I actually agree with P&T that the way he did the smoke trick was especially dramatic, particularly with the music and the lighting and the way he was dressed and the Magicians demeanor. I wonder how he learned to do those things!! I wonder how that is done!!! I suppose you know! 🙂


  2. Yes, Fool Us is a weekly show. I think it’s on Mondays 8pm on the CW network (channel 9 or 11 in NYC). At least it used to be.

    I think there are some real magician foolers in there. I certainly don’t know how all of it is done.

    Despite the premise of the show, it’s not just about the “how.” It’s also about the conception and execution.

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