Water World


I was introduced to the Turkish art technique of ebru by a colleague of mine, and some of the results I’ve seen are astonishing. Here is artist Garip Ay, using the paint on water technique to produce, well . . . see for yourself.

Thanks to YouTuber garip ay

1 thought on “Water World

  1. Wow!! That was amazing and surprising. I was thinking that it looked like the Van Gogh hanging in my kitchen!! I am glad that there was a way to save that image!! That must be the tricky part.

    (I admit the music calmed me enough to sit and watch what was happening. I played the *Moonlight Sonata* for my “talent” in the Miss Livingston County contest back in the 60s sometime. It didn’t sound unlike how I thought I sounded!! 🙂 But, then again, the piece pretty much sounds like that no matter who plays it unless you mess up, which fortunately I didn’t!! )

    Thanks! That was really nice.

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