Colorful Queens


I’m not usually a big fan of so-called packet card tricks, but here’s a favorite, performed by the estimable and gentlemanly Kent Gunn, who gets a lot of magic out of a small number of cards.

More Kent Gunn at Kent Gunn


2 thoughts on “Colorful Queens

  1. Here’s one more reason I really like Kent Gunn. I once wrote to him, asking if a magic routine of his in which I was interested had been published, and whether it was available for purchase. His reply to me was that he “did publish the mechanics of the routine but I do not advise buying it. I use a bunch of silly mechanical devices that are not worth the effort…but I’m flattered you asked.” It’s not often that you get someone telling you, “Don’t buy my product.” He probably sensed that I was not ready to do it justice, and rather than make a few bucks, he was telling me to hold off. 🙂

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