A Matter Of Perspective


(Click to enlarge)

And from a slightly shifted position, a few steps to the left (note the shadow as well):


“Doble Creu” by Carles Berga

Castell de Montjuic

Barcelona, Spain

See this video for more perspectives:


More at Carles Berga

6 thoughts on “A Matter Of Perspective

  1. Interesting piece of art which I have not seen when visiting Barcelona some years ago. For me being a secular person, I really appreciate the more abstract and imaginary perspective. Thanks for sharing this.

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    • We kind of stumbled over it. We were visiting the Montjuic castle area on the edge of Barcelona without a guide, and hidden in the main courtyard in one of the many rooms under the many arches is this intriguing piece. It wasn’t identified at all, but I managed to find it through a Google search, and then found out the name of the artist, Carles Berga. Berga has a webpage, and on it is the YouTube video you see above which shows how the piece was constructed.

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