6 thoughts on “A Hole In The Fabric Of Time And Space

  1. Darn, got me on that.And I probably have the book on the shelf in my library, and I overlooked it.Can you just tell me which book, I’ll find it from there?Anyways, love your blog and your taste. Hope you enjoyed Mel Torme’s My Singing Teachers, which I think I recommended to you.


    Abe Carnow, CPA

    • Hi Abe,

      Glad you liked it. It’s in a few places, with different names. It’s in *Apocalypse* vol. 19 #1, p. 2593 as “Amazing Commute,” and in Regal’s* Close Up and Personal*, I think under the name “Leap of Faith.” It’s also on a Regal video, *Enough Already With the Tricks* as “Leap Of Faith.”

      I always liked the trick but could never come up with an approach to it. Jerry Deutsch’s book helped me find the answer to its presentation, even though that particular trick is not in it. This comes under Perverse category #6: The magician sees it happen, but doesn’t know why it happens.

      I loved the Mel Torme book! Thanks very much. I know very little about singing, and it was fascinating to learn what an expert like Torme thought was important to evaluate in a singer.

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