A Trip Through New York City: 1911



An extraordinary video with corrected speed. The poster did a great job of adding ambient sound to enhance the overall effect of the video. I was surprised to see the Flatiron building and the intersection where it is located so recognizable over a hundred years later. How many locations do you recognize?

Thanks to YouTuber guy jones

10 thoughts on “A Trip Through New York City: 1911

    • But you did catch the Statue of Liberty on the boat ride, yes?

      I thought it was interesting that although cars (and horses) kept to the right hand side of the road, the steering wheels were also on the right side of the car, not the left as they are now


  1. Nice. I was surprised by how clean the streets were, considering all those horses in use. Life before their were disposable items to toss away.

    It is interesting… that in 1911 the camera is always pointed out, but in 2019 the camera is always pointed in…Narcissism in only 100 years.

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  2. THAT was incredible!! What amazed me most was how many ships there were in NY Harbor AND how dressed up the women were, with their long dresses and large hats–the men were dressed in suits and hats also. And I saw only one man of African origin, driving the car. And the cars looked so funny and wobbly. Loved those street cars!! That was really fun!!

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