Fake, Phony, Fraud


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A room in the Palazzo Pitti, a Medici palace,

Florence, Italy

Just about every element above the door level is an illusion:  paint on a flat surface.

There are no balconies;

There are no railings;

There are no statues;

There are no men standing on the balconies on the far left;

There are no curved arches;

There are no three-dimensional decorations on the ceiling.

Paint, paint, paint on a flat surface.

The projection of power and wealth through a magic trick.

The emperor has no clothes.



3 thoughts on “Fake, Phony, Fraud

  1. Good morning Jack.
    I live near a little town, Ludwigslust.
    In the 1700’s, the Duke from Schwerin
    wanted to build his ‘own’ palace..
    It had to go fast,…and cheap.
    They came up with a water-proof,..paper-mache(!).

    Marble Statues. Candelabri. Carved goldleaf trim,..
    all paper….

    They cut up,..’recycled’ state records,..for the paper.
    Were so successful, they produced a catologue of the stuff(!)
    and sold it around Europe!
    The first ‘mail order catolugue’. (True!)
    The Palace of Versailles contains a good bit of ‘Ludwigslust Gold’.

    ….even Kings have to pinch a penny!

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