2 thoughts on “Area Rugs

  1. Good morning Jack(!),
    a really nice Photo.

    It reminded me of a little story,
    that happened to me,
    a couple of years ago,…
    while walking thru an Arabian section,
    of Duisburg. (An industrial German city, on the Rhine.)

    From the sixth floor balcony,
    of a ten story beton ‘bunker-style’ apartment building;
    two Arabian men were physically shaking
    a similar sized rug, as your photographed,
    …over the edge-railing of the balcony,…
    beating it with two sticks.
    They were ‘cleaning it’.,..
    it looked so funny,
    I stopped for a second to watch.

    As one of the guys noticed me watching,
    he stopped and yelled down:
    “It won’t start!”

    Have a pleasent day.

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