2 thoughts on “Shipwrecked

  1. Well Captain Jack Spa….
    Shalom, 🤔
    looks like you’ve landed on Gilligan’s…
    Jack’s Island! 😕

    …..could you grab me Ginger’s cell-fon number(!) ? 😋

    This ‘might’ give you some hope…..

    “Let there be Breath in the sails,
    a cup of Water under the keil,
    Timbers to hold it,
    and a warm arm to hold thee.”

    • Thanks, Dennis. Finding that boat was a happy accident. I saw on a map that there was a little park not too far from where I live that I had never heard about before. I thought I’d go check it out for any birds. It was disappointing—it was mostly soccer and baseball fields. But at the edge of one field was a path that went down a little hill…

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