3 thoughts on “What We Got For The Holidays

  1. Jack,
    I can give you a ‘hands-on-report’,
    from Germany.
    My ‘business’,..
    I’m a self-employed independent tax-paying entertainer,
    …went sour.

    As my business became…’less busy’ 😕,
    the German government offered me un-employment
    (400,€ / 450.$ a month plus my health-care payments 105,€)
    a ‘new job’. 😳

    We actually had a SHORTAGE of Workers(!) this year,
    over here!
    …mainly due to the closed boarders.

    I picked….asparagus, strawberrys, cherrys, plums, pears, and apples.
    Ate well(!).
    And was paid,…öK.

    Still,…i’m HOPING for a ‘cure’!
    This ‘work’ was very……time consuming(!..!). 😕
    But I DID learn,….
    the sun actually DOES come up(!),
    before 9 am!

    p.s.: As picking-season ended,
    I was offered a job, as a ‘leaf-raker’.
    …they’ve recognized my many talents(!).
    As much as I love..🎶Autumn Leaves🎶,
    i’m sitting this season out,
    and going back to…un-paid-practising.
    ,….spring will come,
    ,….i hope to be ready.

    ,….with each other.

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