5 thoughts on “Twilight

  1. Good morning Jack. πŸ™‚

    You often post fotos and thoughts from Coney Island.

    Looking at this great foto today,
    we had to wonder:
    How did the name ‘Coney Island’ come about? πŸ€”

    ….any insight would be appreciated. πŸ€“

    Have an interest filled day.

    • Hi, thanks. Well the “Island” part of Coney Island is easy–it used to be an island off the coast of Brooklyn. But people were able to get there with bridges over the Coney Island Creek and by ferry in the old days. In the 1920s, the Creek got partially filled in and become part of the Brooklyn land mass proper. If I walked in a southernly direction on the street I grew up on in Brooklyn about four miles or so, I would end up at Coney Island.

      The Coney part is more difficult. I was always told that it was because before the island was settled it was overrun with coneys–that is, small rabbits. But some people say that’s a myth and give different reasons going back to the old Dutch owners of the land.

      • Reminds me a bit, of ‘der Hasenwald’,
        in my village. ☺️
        ‘The Rabbit Forest’.

        I go for a walk there, most mornings,…
        In all my years,..
        ….never seen one rabbit. πŸ˜•

        ….maybe tomorrow…. 🀞

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