3 thoughts on “Bridge #28

    • Thanks. I forsee a little Italian comic movie being made about two towns who each claim the legend of the bridge…Each town soon discovers that upkeeping the bridge is bankrupting their town, so each town plants false evidence that the other town is the real source of the painting’s bridge.

      But in a flashback scene, the wild Mona is seen carousing with gents on both bridges. When evidence is found at both bridges (maybe ancient panties hanging from the pillars of both bridges?) the people of both towns agree to hush it up, and declare a day of friendship among all Italians, and celebrate by blowing up the two bridges.

      Of course it ends with the Mona Lisa winking at the audience.

      With Anthony Quinn and Marcello Mastrionni as the mayors of the towns, and Sophia Loren as Mona.

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