Stage Combat Part 4

I’ve met my downfall. Literally.

If you’ve been following this series of posts on Stage Combat ( here, here, and here), you’ll know that I prided myself on keeping up with the rest of the class despite being a whole lot older than anyone in the class.

Pride goeth before the fall. Literally.

I know, I used that joke already.

But that’s what it was: Monday was the day for practicing stage falls. All five kinds. With no mats. The theory being that if you are doing it right, you don’t need a mat. The operative words being “if you are doing it right.” I guess I wasn’t doing it right because I was banged up and bruised badly by the end of the class. I could accept the fact that falling down and getting up over and over would be tiring and give me reason to huff and puff, but I was not expecting to be aching all over.  I had to excuse myself towards the end of the class and beg off the last few exercises. The next few days did not see much improvement.

Well I think nothing was broken except my pride, but some definite sprains and strains. At least next week, we will be moving on to something else–knife fight!

4 thoughts on “Stage Combat Part 4

  1. Still say you had alot of courage to even try stage combat without a mat. Your pride was crushed, but even so, I give you much crdedit for carrying on.All I can say from this point on is GOOD LUCK!!!!

    As always your biggest fan,
    Miss Donna

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