Miracle Worker

Dani DaOrtiz is a miracle worker first class. Even if you don’t speak any Spanish you’ll be able to follow most of the video above. His emphasis on the psychology of the spectator makes you feel, oh, right, that stuff isn’t just for the magic textbooks, it’s real and practical. It’s one of the real secrets, and when someone like Dani tells you that, you better believe him, because there are miracles happening in front of your eyes. Dani uses methods that most magicians never even consider. Dani’s technique, perhaps more than any other major close-up magician today, relies not only on sleight of hand, but the personality of the spectator and the magician, and the quality of the communication between them.

Dani’s magic looks like improvisation and jazzing, but his shows are planned. He does, however, constantly adjust to the spectator and fortuitous circumstances. This makes it extremely difficult to backtrack the method for his tricks.  He is part of the Spanish school of magic as exemplified by Juan Tamariz; these magicians’ love and passion for magic is so infectious that the audience’s hearts are totally engaged by the performers’ warmth and sincerity. The magicians study human nature and communication as much as they do sleight of hand technique. The result is a brand of magic that is very emotionally involving–emotion generated by something as silly as a card trick.

If a magician does an Elmsley Count in the forest is it still magic?

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  1. Caught Dani’s lecture last night. I have never experienced magic like this before. Dani leaves you convinced that he did nothing and the most remarkable things occur. Goosebump magic. Yet, the man’s hilarious. “I don’t care,” is probably his most repeated phrase of the show. Dani, I am convinced, is leading magic out of the 20th century and into the 21st.

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