I Coulda Been a Contenda . . .

Here’s an interview I did with Betsy Daly, one of the founders and directors of the Working Actor Studio, the place where I took my stage combat class. It was broadcast last week on the national Arts Express radio program. We talked about what the aspiring and beginning actor need to know in order to survive in the business. It begins at 20:45 and ends at 35:10.

If you, too, wish to be a contenda in the theatre game, you can donate to listener-sponsored radio WBAI 99.5 FM in NYC. The kind people at WAS are giving away two cut rate scholarships as a thank-you gift for donating.  If you’re interested in getting a scholarship for the Stage Combat or Musical Theater class, listen to the interview for details, and then listen to Arts Express live between 2-3pm EST, Thursday, Feb 12th.

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