The Houdini File

HH smiling portrait cropped

I recently came across an excellent magic blog, The Houdini File, authored by writer David Saltman. Although I had never heard of Mr. Saltman before, I soon realized that we share some of the same obsessions: magic, novel writing, and nineteenth-century variety arts history. He is about to have an historical novel published by Maiden Lane Press entitled The Secret Notebooks of Harry Houdini.  The novel follows Harry as he tours through Russia in 1903, spying on the Tsar for Teddy Roosevelt.  Saltman posts about once a week.

Two weeks ago, the well-known Spanish-born magician Rene Lavand died, and you can see a nice tribute to Lavand that Saltman did here. But also look around at all his other posts if you have any interest at all in the art of magic and all things Houdini.

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