Instrumentality, or Something Ventured


So it’s the summer of 1960 something, before the Beatles, and you have an electric guitar because you got it for your birthday or you worked in Ernie’s candy store all year after school in order to buy it, and the band you begged together with your two high school drum and bass-playing friends gets hired to do the Sweet Sixteen of one of your classmates, and as the evening wears on it’s time to prove you’re serious badass musicians, no more of that Everly Brothers crap, so what do you play? Only one thing, obviously.

Walk Don’t Run.

The Ventures are instrumental in starting off this Monday with a kick. Click on the video to play.

Thanks to YouTuber MusicMike’s “Flashback Favorites”

4 thoughts on “Instrumentality, or Something Ventured

    • Thanks, smilecalm.

      One of the stories that goes along with this cut, according to Ever-Reliable Wikipeidia, is that Skip Moore, the studio drummer on this recording, was offered his choice of either $25 or 25% of the royalties as payment for the gig.

      He took the $25.

      And so Skip Moore gets the runner-up award for Unluckiest Drummer in the History of Rock, coming in second only to the hapless Pete Best, Mr. Ringo Starr’s predecessor. (BTW, I can testify to seeing an album titled Best of the Beatles in my local record store years ago. It was an album of Pete Best tunes. It remained in the record bin month after month unsold.)

  1. Good memories both of the music and Ernies. Recently heard more goings on in the back of Ernies then just selling candy, spauldeens, and baseball cards.

  2. Ha!

    It was kind of crazy that he was running a candy store, since he clearly didn’t like children at all. His wife, though, was nice as I remember. She once let me buy a plastic slide rule I lusted after (geek alert!), even though I didn’t have enough money.

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