Would You Be Happy With This Teacher Or Would You Transfer Out?


Diane Ravitch, that tireless fighter for students and teachers, brought the above video to my attention on her blog. I re-posted it elsewhere, but got some reactions which I had not expected. I’m very curious to hear what you have to say. The high school teacher in the video, Joshua Katz, asks his students to watch the video as their first assignment. What do you think of Mr. Katz? Would you do well in his classroom?

5 thoughts on “Would You Be Happy With This Teacher Or Would You Transfer Out?

  1. Well I also thought he was pretty good, at least so far, but I got some negative reactions to him. One person asked why did he waste so much time–he could’ve written it all out on one page and handed it out in class.

    I was really surprised to hear that.

  2. Seems like fairly standard first-day-of-class pep talk stuff in overlong re-packaging. And…” You are the future..”??? Seriously?? For the young, and for many others as well, that tired old saw holds very little meaning. Now is what counts. Plus, he seems like a doof and I wonder how long it will take for the kids to start getting over…

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