2 thoughts on “Taken For A Ride

  1. Meanwhile, I am all for banning bikes from NYC except for very specific sports trails, such as the circle around Prospect Park. The bikers routinely pass at great speed in front of pedestrians, usually barely missing them, against the light, pay no attention to pedestrian cross walks or one-way signs. They are very, very dangerous for everyone. It is true that in a conflict with a vehicle, the bike rider will probably come out the loser. But when it is the matter of a collision with a pedestrian the pedestrian will obviously suffer the serious injury and I know people who have.

    Bikers have no license numbers and no matter what terrible things they do, they are gone so fast that they do not even hear your shouts of profanity as they turn into dots on the horizon, after having just missed colliding with you by inches.

    I am fed up with them and wish we could ban them all. m

  2. In my neighborhood, some bicycle riders ride on the sidewalks, which I find particularly obnoxious and dangerous. But I think on the whole the movement to bicycles, instead of cars, is a good one.

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