5 thoughts on “If Not For You: Bob Dylan and George Harrison Rehearse

  1. This is such a wonderful photo! You are absolute right in your observation!
    Thanks for sharing!
    As always your biggest fan,
    Donna Elliott

  2. I find it interesting that Dylan and Harrison were able to establish and maintain a long friendship. Dylan never formed an equivalent strong liaison with either Lennon or McCartney. I guess egos and reputation were too big. Or media attention would be too overwhelming if say Dylan and Lennon had worked on an album together.

    Here is a great anecdote: when Jools Holland went for dinner at Harrison’s country mansion Bob Dylan happened to be visiting. After the meal, did the three musicians a/ roll a fat join? b/ listen to Jimi Hendrix? or c/ watch black and white George Formby films?

    Well, you’ld have to be English to appreciate this answer. It was c/ watching the late comedian George Formby.

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