Working My Way Back To You: The Spinners


Monday it’s red jackets, black slacks, white shirts with wide lapels, and gold neck chains to show sincerity, as we work our way back to you, Babe.

The Spinners take on the Four Seasons classic.

Sometime in the 1970s, I worked in a record store located in the basement of Grand Central Station called Jimmy’s. Once, Marian McPartland came in. But mostly I remember two things: first how the pretty manager of the store used to disappear every lunchtime into the locked back room with the cop who would come by each day, both finally emerging after an hour and a half, she with skirt askew and mussed hair, he buckling his uniform belt; and second, how all the songs from The Spinners album played over the store’s speaker system over and over. It was that kind of music.

Thanks to YouTuber marchelone

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  1. That’s so sad. The world before the “war on drugs” and the policy of the mass incarceration of Black kids. They were so innocent. Who woulda’ thunk we would end up like this???

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