Peter Frase: Four Futures, Life After Capitalism–Part One




Yesterday, WBAI-FM radio’s Arts Express broadcast part one of my interview with Peter Frase, author of the new book Four Futures. Frase has an intriguing set of ideas about what the future might look like after capitalism destructs, given the ecological constraints of abundance/scarcity and the political constraints of equality/inequality.

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You can listen to Part Two here:

3 thoughts on “Peter Frase: Four Futures, Life After Capitalism–Part One

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  2. A few years ago, I was struck by the quote from I can’t remember who that it’s easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism. These days both are easy enough to imagine. How quickly things change.

    • Yes, I’m not much a reader of speculative fiction, but at least in the most popular iterations of what the future will look like, the fact that most of the world at present operates within a capitalist framework is often elided in any imagined transition to the future.

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