Our Way

Our Way

A tree
Breathing steadily
No reason to move
Gives its fruit freely
Calm strength of wood prevails
One hundred and fifty years

Travel water roads, air streams
Flocks and formations
Uncover a secret geometry of the universe
Threading the sky’s tapestry
Ten years

Fall in love with vaccination marks
Dance with our underwear half off
Tattoos of birds and trees burnt into our thighs
Hold each other syncopatedly afraid to fall
In the morning, relieved, we send the children to school
Then, lost again, search the I Ching once more
Our way
Eighty years

2 thoughts on “Our Way

  1. How inspiring to see the great Tom Lehrer! – and how fast he does it! and how he’s got it all in his head!! Connie

  2. Lots of ways to skin a cat, make a living. The trees have it pretty good, but with limited travel opportunities. The birds have a good deal, except for all those bugs they eat.

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