2 thoughts on “How To Discipline Students Circa 1947

  1. Holy crap! Does this video make be glad that I am retired. I didn’t have any real problem with discipline until the very last 3 months before I left. And I did not handle the problem well. I think I know what caused these problem and it was the nature of the subject, which some kids viewed as threatening, something they did not want to have a class on. But when kids start acting like they did in this scenario, if you are in a bad mood, it is not hard to imagine how one could fall into the same trap this teacher fell into, I suppose. Eek!! Lots of thoughts about this…Thanks!

  2. I was surprised that there was such a progressive view espoused just coming off a World War and headed into Korea and the McCarthy era.

    I thought the dynamics of the class were very well illustrated and certainly rang true for my bad days; the problem is that it takes a lot of fixing to make up for that bad day.

    I always used to put a mental bet on how long a new teacher who came in with a very authoritarian manner, like an ex-police officer or military or business exec type, would last. Usually not more than a year. One teacher, thirty students; if there’s not mutual respect, you’re toast. At least, that’s so in a public school.

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