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Yesterday, WBAI’s Arts Express radio show broadcast my interview with Noliwe Rooks, author of the new book, Cutting School: Privatization, Segregation, and The End of Public Education.

Ms. Rooks argues that the current charter school movement is just one more scheme in a long history of school hustles which go back to the 19th century. What these schemes have in common, she says, is the transfer of education and tax dollars from minority and oppressed groups to the pockets of white entrepreneurs, in a process she calls segrenomics.

You can listen to the interview with Noliwe Rooks by clicking on the grey triangle above.

4 thoughts on “Cutting School, Author Noliwe Rooks

  1. My favorite is the plan to give every parent money towards private schools so that wealthy parents get more money to send their children where they were already sending them; middle class parents pay extra to keep their kids out of the third class of schools: The ones that charge exactly the amount the government gives.

    Annnnnd, BACK to segregation.

    • You got it. That’s precisely what vouchers do. The evidence is clear all around the country. See for amazing, relentless, coverage of these issues.

  2. Good interview. The funneling of public money to private hands is widespread in all sectors, but the application of business models to education – and health care too – is most insidious. They call it choice!

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