A title is a frame,
An instruction,
A message from above,
A set of clothes.

Untitled: too lazy to do it myself? Too coy?
Like: you do the work. Like: go ahead,
I’ll hide my eyes.
Whatever you say.

Unserious. Nice Guy. Idiot Savant. Poet.
To be or not to be?
It’s enough to make me think
How entitled to be untitled.

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  1. “How entitled to be untitled.”…

    Knights of the nights,
    `unserious Sir´,..
    Kings of OUR moment,…
    we see,…un-blurred.

    Our `mis-takes´ are ours,
    naked and romp,…
    To be, is to try,…
    regardless of pomp.

    It makes us think,
    …we close one eye;
    before we coranate ourselves,
    and go out and try.

    The scratches and scars,
    and dirt on our shoes,.
    are our gowns and crowns,..
    and the proof,…
    our blood is blue.

    ….gee-susss jack(!),…
    got me going!

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