Lincoln Gala


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“Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea which at a Distance of 20 Meters is Transformed into the Portrait of Abraham Lincoln (Homage to Rothko),” 1976 by Salvador Dali.

Gala was Dali’s wife.

Compare the painting hanging on the wall at the Teatro-Museo Dalí to the image in the cellphone. Move the image close to you, then view it far away.

Figueres, Spain


2 thoughts on “Lincoln Gala

  1. Hey Jack!
    Freude und Gotterfunken!..! ✨💫💫💫 😀

    Salvador Dali started this piece,
    in connection with the U.S. Bicentenial,…in 1976.
    The ‘final’ piece,…is actually a STATUE!


    I’ve only seen it once(!),..
    I have often told others about it,..
    but never been able to find the pudding!

    The Statue, is a stone,..marble(?), three dimentional piece
    …..’a nude’.
    ..a bit bigger then an ‘Oscar’.

    When you look at it thru the bottom of a glass,..
    empty glass (☺️),..
    at the distance of a few yards,..
    you see Uncle Abe’s profile!

    I saw the piece, in an art gallery, in Washington D.C.,
    in 1977.
    Supposedly, there were only few,..’authorized productions’.

    Everyone I’ve told this about,..
    ….offered me “another glass”. 😕

    Thanks for showing this.
    I’m going to track down the statue now! 👍
    Have a nice one. 💋

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