Lincoln Gala


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“Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea which at a Distance of 20 Meters is Transformed into the Portrait of Abraham Lincoln (Homage to Rothko),” 1976 by Salvador Dali.

Gala was Dali’s wife.

Compare the painting hanging on the wall at the Teatro-Museo Dalí to the image in the cellphone. Move the image close to you, then view it far away.

Figueres, Spain


The Outsider Artist and His Art Outside


A while ago I had the happy accident of running across an outdoor mural by outsider artist Don Porcella. You can see the previous piece I did about the mural here (along with a photo of it) and read some of the thoughts that arose for me here. I interviewed Don last week for the Arts Express radio program; the show—and the interview—is running this week on 40+ Pacifica radio station affiliates across the country.

You can hear the fascinating conversation I had with Don by clicking the grey triangle above. I’ve also posted above a photo of the Shanghai Woman pipe cleaner sculpture which he talked about in the interview.

To hear the entire one-hour Arts Express broadcast you can click here.