5 thoughts on “A mini-poem

  1. Still,
    better then:
    Consistently,…inconsistent. 🤔

    (i know,
    that wasn’t the LEAST bit helpfull.

    p.s.: And,…
    you haven’t missed a day,
    for over five years(!).

    We can ‘live with’,
    your ‘dilemma’.

    ….just write it,
    with a SMALL ‘d’.

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  2. p.s.: If I hadn’t have drank the second,…and fourth;
    my fifth beer,
    would have only been my third.
    Be carefull, with ‘seconds’.

    But it DID give me time to Dali-lam-ify your Dillemma.

    Inconsistently inconsistent(!),
    seems to be,
    something worth streiving for.
    🍻 Prost.

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