Remembrance Of Cards Past


It’s “Spell To Any Named Card” once more, the Mnemonica edition.

I recently published the Aronson stack version of this effect, as I have been a long-time user of Simon Aronson’s memorized stacked deck. I got a very good response to that, but a number of people mentioned that they were Mnemonica users, and asked if I would create a version for the Mnemonica stack. Well, your wish is my command. I thought it would take me a long time, but strangely the work went very quickly by applying what I had learned from my previous effort. In fact, though I’m an Aronson stack user, I like this version better. Let me know what you think.

You can get a free copy of the pdf for reading or downloading here.

4 thoughts on “Remembrance Of Cards Past

    • Thanks, Ron. I figure as long as someone is carrying around a memdeck anyway, then it doesn’t hurt to be ready to pull something like this off when they want to.

      • Agreed. The genre has many dimensions. For me, it’s almost straightforward, as my closing phase involves “card counting” and thus actually admitting that memory is in the mix.

        As an impromptu thing—I carry around Gregory Wilson’s “exact change” in my pocket all the time. If I happen to have a stacked deck nearby I’ll toss it to them, and have them name a card. If they say the 10c, I’ll show that I only have 24 cents in my pocket, and then have them count down to the card in the deck.

        I like Asi Wind’s ACAAN, too.

        • That’s a neat way of tying those two effects together. The reason I learned a stack in the first place was to learn the ACAAN I read in Barrie Richardson’s Theater of the Mind. Nowadays for ACAAN I would use a method that requires much less set-up, but I’m glad that I had that motivation. I don’t know Asi WInd’s ACAAN, but I’m sure it’s very clever like most of what he does.

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