The Social Media Trap: The Social Dilemma

In the new documentary film, The Social Dilemma, a group of founding tech wizards warn of the dystopia awaiting us because of our fundamental misunderstanding of the true nature of the social media giants like Facebbok, Twitter, and Google. I was happy to be speaking with the director of The Social Dilemma, Jeff Orlowski, about how social media manipulates all of us.

To listen to my conversation with Orlowski, as broadcast today on the Arts Express radio show on WBAI FM NYC and Pacifica affiliates across the nation, click on the triangle or mp3 link above.

4 thoughts on “The Social Media Trap: The Social Dilemma

  1. This is no was to start a morning, 😕
    ..albeit: 11 o’6.
    (Notice the proper use of the Colon. ☺️)

    A great interview Jack!
    One that got me thinking, in a thousand directions!..! 🤔

    One thought I’d like to share, though;
    was the mentioning of the ‘polarisation’,
    that is going on.
    Familys not being able to sit….

    I’ve experienced this myself. Sad.

    I’ve come to realise:
    With our ablity to gather more and more Info,..

    ….just because we know more,
    doesn’t mean,
    …we know more.

    …i hope that makes some kind of sence.
    (HEY!…It’s only 11 o’9!..! Give me a break!..!..!)

    I wish you well Jack.
    Dennis 🚶

    • Thanks, Dennis. I think most of us have a general idea that these companies use our data in less than ethical ways, but it was really useful for me to hear exactly how these companies work. As usual, it’s worse than we imagined. It was particularly sobering to hear the very creators of these technologies sounding the alarm bell.

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